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Exclusive: Anesthesia Use Behind Dr. Sonnie Badu's Performance at 'Rhythms of Africa' Concert.

Ghanaian social media users have sparked a wave of speculation and disbelief following Dr. Sonnie Badu's performance at the 'Rhythms of Africa' concert, held last Saturday at the Grand Arena of the Accra International Conference Centre. The controversy lies in Dr. Badu's apparent ability to minister without crutches, despite previous reports of an injury leading to surgery.

Social media has been abuzz with comments and theories, particularly focusing on the disparity between the artist's reported physical condition and his crutch-free appearance at the concert. Many users suggest this contradicts earlier reports that Dr. Badu had undergone major surgery in the days leading up to the 'Rhythms of Africa' event.

A Facebook user, Royal Aurum, expressed their bemusement, saying, “I have a harmless question. So, what happened to Sonnie Badu’s crutches at the concert?”

This sentiment was echoed by another user, Henry Ben Kwapong, who remarked, “Amazing Crutchesfree performance by Sonnie Badu.”

Adding to the conversation, Jenny Dadzie commented, “So were the crutches probably azaaa ahead of the concert? I am just thinking aloud, maybe, just maybe.”

However, in a recent development, GhGospelNews has obtained exclusive information suggesting a different narrative. According to a reliable family source, Dr. Sonnie Badu was administered strong anesthesia to enable his performance at the concert. This revelation comes amidst the growing speculation and ridicule on social media platforms.

The situation raises questions about the intersection of public perception, social media narratives, and the reality of public figures' personal lives, particularly in the context of health and public appearances.

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